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Tue Sep 5 14:32:44 MST 2006

> Also can someone explain what top posting is? I don't
> want to do this on your user list!
Top posting is where you hit reply, type your message, and the original
message is presented below what you've typed. This is as opposed to quoted
or inline replying, which I'm doing now - parts of the original message are
quoted to give context to the reply which directly follows it.

Top posting is considered lazy by many. I'm guilty of it in a work
environment, everyone else does it (Microsoft Outlook/Exchange kinda
encourages it) but in personal correspondance and mailing lists quoted
replies make a lot more sense. Sure, it's a little bit more effort on your
part, but it benefits everyone.

Welcome to the list, welcome to Asterisk! If you want to test your IAXTEL
connection drop me an email off list and we can make a couple of test calls.


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