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Tue Sep 5 14:32:44 MST 2006

fine as a SIP client.

Now I'm trying to get the demo (ext 500) and voice mail to play. * sez
it's doing something:

*CLI>     -- Starting simple switch on 'Zap/25-1'
    -- Executing Playback("Zap/25-1", "demo-abouttotry") in new stack
    -- Playing 'demo-abouttotry'
  =3D=3D Spawn extension (default, 500, 1) exited non-zero on 'Zap/25-1'
but no sound coming through the extension (or SIP client). My server
doesn't have a sound card, but I assume that all the .gsm files should
play fine from *?

Like the current version of ztcfg, is there a potential path issue to
where the sounds are located? I've copied the .gsm files from
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds to /var/lib/asterisk to no avail.

Same situation for voice mail too. Searched the list, couldn't find
reference to this particular problem. Using a CVS build from this


--- Gavin

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