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Any idea?

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Peter Zeltins wrote:

>>Calling * via SIP produces very good sound. Calling * via the=20
>>chan_capi produces horrible sound. However, if I dial 500 in the demo=20
>>menu to connect to the IAX at digium the sound is good again. ie:
>>ISDNCall->AVM-B1-Card->Asterisk =3D All prompts sound horrible
>>SIP->Asterisk =3D Prompts are good
> Stupid question... why don't you use I4L instead of chan_capi? I've=20
> wanted to use chan_capi myself but due to lack of time haven't been=20
> able to get it running yet. However I4L produces good audio quality,=20
> although I miss extended ISDN features... I'm using AVM Fritz PCI card

My reason for chan_capi are messages in the mailing list suggesting a=20
better quality with the chan_capi driver.  :(

So, you are saying the voice quality you experience with the Fritz PCI=20
card is satisfactory?

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