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Tue Sep 5 14:32:44 MST 2006

X-Lite's REGISTER request before sending the SIP/2.0 200 OK message.

Is this correct?

2. 10.3 Processing REGISTER requests. The 5th paragraph states "that the
registrar has to know the set of domain(s) for which it maintains

How is this specified in Asterisk?  Through the context?  ie should the
domains be specified in sip.conf via the context parameter, of the

3. I have another SIP account (sip:912345678 at which I would like
to use within asterisk both for dialing out and for receiving calls.

I see that sip.conf has a line

register => 912345678 at

where 1234 is the local asterisk extension.  From chan_sip.c, line 1390 I
see that I can use the form:

register => user[:secret[:authuser]]@host[:port][/localextension]

However my registrar requires that I authenticate with, but use
a sip proxy at ip, the two are unrelated and has no ip
address.  How can I get Asterisk to register with the remote prxoy?

Sorry for the newbie questions.


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