[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7905G SIP firmware needed

Ryan Amos ramos at finetooth.com
Thu Jun 29 10:08:38 MST 2006

To get the SIP firmware for these phones, you need to buy a Cisco
SmartNet support contract (about $75 USD in the USA, though I've heard
rumors a Europe-only contract exists for about $10 USD.) You can
purchase one through most Cisco resellers. That will give you access to
Cisco's download site. Configuration of these phones under SIP is not
quite as straight forward as it is with SCCP, but it's manageable.

SCCP does not work very well with asterisk in a large deployment setup
in my experience. I had approximately 25 phones on chan_sccp and the
stability was nowhere near where a commercial phone system should be
(we're talking 2 or 3 crashes a week) and is still lacking features to
make it useful to run an entire setup on (3 way calling, unattended
transfer, etc)

Unfortunately, I cannot get XML services working for the life of me
under the SIP image using the 7912G phones (which are essentially just a
7905 with a built in switch.) The configuration file schema has an
option for a services and directory URL, but the phone seems to ignore
them. XML services on the other Cisco phones like the 7940 or 7960 work
fine with the SIP image (but these phones use a totally different
provisioning method than the 7905/7912.)

Ultimately I'd say the recommendation comes down to how many phones
we're talking about and what kind of environment. Chan_sccp seems to
work fine in a small system where you're not going to be adding or
removing many users, but for any system you're going to have to support,
I would (and do) use SIP.


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    I bought a 7905G Cisco IP Phone and want to connect to Asterisk with
protocol, but can't find a way to download this protocol update from
Can anyone please help me?
Support the SIP protocol also the XML applications that I can use with
What is better, try to configure 7905G as SIP or try to use SCCP with 

Best regards,
    Andrea Frigo <a.frigo at andreafrigo.it> 

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