[asterisk-users] MeetMe recordings in mp3 format.

Pierre du Plessis nospam at comproware.com
Mon Jul 31 15:33:10 MST 2006

>> Hi.
>> We have lots of long conferences using the meetme application, resulting 
>> in the default recording format (wav) being way too BIG to work with.
>> I have installed the astersik addon pack, in the hope of getting mp3 
>> recording support. But it only gives mp3 playback support.
>> How can I get the recordings to be in mp3 format?
>> Moreover, what other recording formats gives me the benifit of small 
>> size and good sound quality of mp3?
> What most people do for this is they execute a shell script afterwards to convert it into the MP3 format. As for another format that will work for you I can't think of any.
You can try to use "lame".  Perhaps set up a cron/shell script that 
finds and converts new .wav files to mp3.
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