[asterisk-users] X100P clone not working

Frank Darner mtablink at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 23 02:27:03 MST 2006

> configs look fine to me
> it has to be a module problem im guessing

may be, but I dont know whats wrong

Zaptel (1.2.6.) installation was without errors and I did not get an error 
when loading the modules

> try rmmod for zaptel and wctfxo or w/e then modprobing again(must be root)
> if that does not work(which is does on my system, so i added it into a
> startup conf)
> >kernel: wcfxo: module not supported by Novell
> are you sure that wcfxo is the correct module for that device??

Yes, I doublechecked with other sites

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