[asterisk-users] CentOS 4.3 and Zaptel-1.2.7

Russ Price kxt at fubegra.net
Tue Jul 18 16:09:04 MST 2006

varun wrote:
> I have problems compiling zaptel 1.2.6 on my CentOS 4.3. CentOS is
> updated and I believe I have installed all the dependencies.
> did you fix spinlock.h?
> Go into your kernel source directory(or directories if you have more 
> than one kernel source on your system) and edit the file spinlock.h
> Then goto line 407
> Change this line from :
> #define DEFINE_RWLOCK(x) rw_lock_t x = RW__LOCK_UNLOCKED
> To:
> #define DEFINE_RWLOCK(x) rwlock_t x = RW__LOCK_UNLOCKED 

The problem is that this will have to be done with each new kernel 
release.  What I've done instead is to modify the zaptel Makefile, 
inserting this single line at line 40:

CFLAGS+=$(shell if uname -r | grep -q '2\.6\.9-34.*\.EL'; then echo " 
-Drw_lock_t=rwlock_t"; fi)

This will fix the problem for any 2.6.9-34 CentOS (or RHEL) kernel.


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