[Asterisk-Users] performance & reliabulity of asterisk voicemail using odbc storage

Dmitry Furmanov D.Furmanov at ua.fm
Mon Jul 3 22:01:11 MST 2006

Hello, RR!

Yes, that is all that you need to fix the freeTDS
"pseudo-thread-safe" problem.

And you should know nothing else to enjoyable using of Asterisk!

Congratulations!!!  :)

I spent much more time to find the problem, find and apply the 
appropriate patch, fix some bugs, then apply that patch manually to new 
version ...

About tables and views - it's some possible causes:
1. Sybase/MS SQL protocol isn't open, so FreeTDS isn't implement all of 
the features of such database servers.
2. I'm not guru in different databases and in specifications, but it's 
can be ODBC limitation (feature). Because ODBC was specified as 
universal database access engine. So, some database servers possibly 
haven't substance like "view".

Dmitry V.Furmanov

RR пишет:
> Hi Dmitry,
> just to answer your questions, and telling you what I've done so far,
> 1) yes, using FreeTDS
> 2) yes, configured unixODBC with FreeTDS to talk to MSSQL. I have all of
> this working where I can load and update tables in MSSQL using the 
> "realtime
> load/update" statements from the Asterisk CLI.
> 3) I have downloaded and patched the files apps/voicemail.c,
> res/res_config_odbc.c and include/asterisk/res_odbc.h (FYI: during patching
> the last file, it did say that the patch terminated unexpectedly in the
> middle of the line even and then followed by saying Hunk #24 succceeded)
> 4) rebuilt and reinstalled Asterisk
> 5) added pooled and poolsize lines to res_odbc.conf and also added "Pooling
> = Yes" and "CPTimeout = 120" in the odbcinst.ini as per instructions on the
> FreeTDS site.
> Is this all I need to do to fix the problems you've seen in Asterisk 
> talking
> to MSSQL? Is there anything else I should know?
> Also, do you have any idea why I can't seem to load any content from my
> MSSQL database when I use a "view" instead of a "table"? when I use a table
> for vmusers for e.g. then it works but it doens't when I sue a view.
> Thanks
> \R
> On 7/3/06, Dmitry Furmanov <D.Furmanov at ua.fm> wrote:
>> Ok, you use the MS SQL. It's problem of FreeTDS implementation details.
>> 1. Did you install FreeTDS or other ODBC driver to MS SQL(Sybase)
>> connecting?
>> 2. Did you configure unixODBC to use freeTDS driver (etc\odbc.ini,
>> etc\odbcinst.ini)?
>> 3. APPLY the patch that I tell you before
>> ( http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=7451 )
>> 4. Rebuild and reinstall the Asterisk
>> Then asterisk will be be able to react on the ODBC configuration
>> parameters "pooled" and "poolsize".
>> Regards,
>> Dmitry V.Furmanov
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