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Mon Feb 21 08:54:22 MST 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 08:00 -0500, Daniel Corbe wrote:
> I've got a nagios plugin making sure the * box is up, but I would like
> to do more than that.
> I need to make sure the PRIs connected to my box stay up and I need to
> make sure calls are not failing for any reason.  Are there any *
> monitoring packages like this?

Interesting you should ask this today...

I got to work this morning and was wondering why some of my calls were
still diverting to my mobile.

Eventually I realised that they were diverting on no answer. A restart
of asterisk, reload of modules etc made no differences, I couldn't do
anything with the line. Eventually I worked out it was a telco problem
(no dialtone/etc) so I logged the fault. I looked at zttool and it
showed a red alarm... In around 10-20 minutes I hacked zttool.c and
converted it into a very basic cli version (which doesn't need newt) and
would just dump the current status of all the spans. Similar to what you
see on screen when you first start zttool.

Then, I threw together some simple shell scripting to analyse/send the
report to BigBrother (www.bb4.org). So far it is working nicely, by
tomorrow night (yes, 27 hours after reporting it) hopefully my line
should come back, and the alarm should change to OK...

I'll put the package etc onto www.deadcat.net (BB addons website) and
drop a post here when it is done. Will also put it onto

BTW, I did need to suid the zttool-cli command to root, as the normal BB
user doesn't have the needed permissions. I haven't looked into this,
but if anyone has a suggestion on a better way to do this, feel free to
let me know.


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