[Asterisk-Users] FAX

Isamar Maia isamar at isamarmaia.org
Sun Feb 20 07:04:53 MST 2005

Actually, it was requested to me to build a fax number database.
The real purpose is unknown. I am an IT guy, not marketing guy.


On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Torsten Krueger wrote:

> Hello,
> On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Isamar Maia wrote:
> > For a specific application,
> > I want to dialout thousands of numbers searching for fax machines.
> > If somebody takes the call(voice), I would flag that number as bad in the
> > DB. If it's a voice only answer machine, I would flag that number also as
> > bad. But if it's a fax or an answer machine with fax, I would flag that
> > number as valid fax number for future use.
> > Is that possible?
> You are definitely in need of app_faxspam_harvest.so or am I wrong?
> Torsten Krueger
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