[Asterisk-Users] Sound Problem

Jon Gabrielson jon at directfreight.com
Sat Feb 12 07:27:05 MST 2005

You need to tell us what type of device you are
using to make the phone calls.  Are you using
a ZAP FXS, a softphone, a sip phone, or an iax phone.
Also, how are you terminating the call.  Is it via a
ZAP FXO device like a t100p, is it another VOIP phone,
or is it via a service provider like iax.cc or nufone?



On Saturday 12 February 2005 02:20 pm, chawki hammoud wrote:
> I have been using Asterisk to make phone calls and
> when i tried to use it today the volume was
> unexpectedly very low. Changing the volume in the
> volume control didn't effect it. I believe the problem
> lies with Asterisk and not the volume control. I
> appreciate any feedback of where and what to check.
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