[Asterisk-Users] Re: Can't get Polycom auto-answer to work (Solved)

Noah Miller noah at rosecompanies.com
Fri Feb 4 18:24:14 MST 2005

>> So I guess the problem is in my config for the phone?  Or maybe  
>> asterisk
>> has to send "alert-info" more than just once?  Does anybody have this
>> auto-answer config working reliably on a Polycom phone?
>> Thanks!
>> Noah
> Noah,
> 	Please see my Polycom config files at
> http://www.kriscompanies.com/modules.php? 
> name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=1
> I have a setup for a Ring-answer and autoanswer.

Thanks for the configs Kristian!  I'm learning a lot from them.

Kevin, thanks for the debug tips and the heads up on the alert-info  
variable (or rather _ALERT_INFO) in CVS HEAD.  I also recompiled with  
Alert-info changed to Alert-Info.  That may have helped, too.

In the end, the holdup was my bad configs on the phone.  I had been  
messing around with them trying to make the phone ring on simultaneous  
calls with SetGroup/CheckGroup.  I thought I had changed everything  
back, but I guess I hadn't.   I restored the default configs, and the  
auto-answer worked just fine.  D'uh.


BTW:  Has anybody figured out how to make the phones ring when a second  
or third simultaneous call comes in when using SetGroup/CheckGroup?

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