[Asterisk-Users] Simple Fax question

Terry Wilson otherwiseguy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 07:36:55 MST 2005

> T.38 isn't a trivial enhancement, and I think that the community should
> consider itself extremely fortunate if someone actually gets T.38
> implemented (including DSPs) for as little as $5500 being the motivation.

True, but Steve Underwood does already has a lot of the DSP stuff done
already with spandsp, doesn't he?  Surely that is the "hard part",

Steve, are you currently working on t.38?  Can a lot of the spandsp
code be used?  Are you getting/interested in getting financial support
to work on this?  I'm sure we could get all kinds of support for a
project like this from the more "commercial" members of the community.
 Maybe there just needs to be more organization on the part of the
people who want it done?


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