[Asterisk-Users] Virbiage Phones - Vapourware??

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Wed Mar 31 22:38:16 MST 2004

Aaron Martin wrote:

> Has anyone heard any more info about the Virbiage FT201 VoIP phones?
> About 3 months ago I was told they were 6 weeks away, about 3 weeks 
> ago I was told they were 2 weeks away, and now I am told they are 2 
> months away again!  Are they EVER going to arrive?  Can anyone shed 
> some light on this?

I'm not sure who's been telling you 2 weeks away but I've posted 
previously that the phones were 8 weeks away. The hardware is completely 
done, I have one on my desk, software will be finished soon and we are 
mainly just waiting on some parts for the first run.

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