[Asterisk-Users] Newbie....

Brian Mulligan brian at khizr.com
Wed Mar 31 12:21:49 MST 2004

You can get by without Digium cards if all you want is IPPhones. If you want
MusicOnHold and Conferencing however, you will need one card for the timing.
I am told that you can emulate this hardware feature but with a basic FXO
card costing only 60 quid, why bother.
You can find an excellent description of how to get started on the digium
site under documentation, entitled 'Getting Started' ;-)

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> I have a question for the group.
>  To get this running do I need any Digium Cards? I understand I will
> need them to connect to the public phone system. I'm looking at just
> using IP Phones or IP Softphones just to test this app.
> Thanks for any help you could give.
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