[Asterisk-Users] noise in a single direction call

Marko Rakar Marko at printel.hr
Wed Mar 31 11:45:39 MST 2004

We have asterisk server which have hfcs isdn adapter acting as FXO and
mediatrix units as FXS on another site connected with 2mbit link.

The trouble is that when I connect from asterisk server to mediatrix
unit; whatever comes to asterisk is heard OK (no noise, minimum jitter;
absolutely acceptable voice quality), but whatever is sent to mediatrix
unit is heard with noise, garbgled or completely cut-off.

I have tried with ulaw/alaw and g729 (I could not find support for g723)
and it is simply the same.

I have reconfigured mediatrix unit hundreds of times with no success;
does anybody have any ideas what to do or to try?

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