[Asterisk-Users] X100P Echo was: USB Headsets (Plantronics DSP-400)

Jason A. Pattie pattieja at pcxperience.com
Wed Mar 31 10:12:45 MST 2004

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Brent Franks wrote:
| Agreed.  It seems that one out of about every 40 calls has echo problems
| for the duration of the cell.  I also notice it a lot more when the call
| is incoming vs. outgoing.  But it will still occur on outgoing calls
| occasionally.
| Is there any sort of inline echo cancellers that can help with this
| problem?  Having 6 lines doesn't justify the cost of a T1 or PRI.

Is there any possibility to remove the "turnaround" leg or whatever its
called at the X100P?  I'm just thinking of a scenario where none of the
outgoing signal is ever introduced to the incoming circuit.  That way,
the echo problem simply disappears.  Or is this not possible?  What if
the X100P were modified to do this in hardware?  Go ahead and let it
"balance" the circuit if that is necessary, but then not introduce any
of the outgoing signal onto the incoming circuit.

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