[Asterisk-Users] Carrier Access CMG/FXS MGCP to Asterisk, Works Fine

JR Richardson jr.richardson at cox.net
Wed Mar 31 08:50:20 MST 2004



Follow the Quick Start Guide from Carrier Access to setup the CMG (Customer
Media Gateway) Router card.  Follow the Asterisk mgcp.conf wiki page setup.
The only issue I had was with the CAC CMG card, it defaults to strict policy
message exchange and dial-tone will not come across when you go off-hook on
a FXS port.  To resolve this, get back into the CAC CMG configuration, goto:

-profile directory - router card setup - MGCP Configure - MGCP
Interoperability Settings - (set) Parse Mode: Lenient


Either Carrier Access or Asterisk is not completely compatible with the RFC,
but this seems to get the two talking together.


Hope this helps.



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