[Asterisk-Users] Voicemail retrieval from Cisco 7960

Joe Dennick joe at dennick.net
Wed Mar 31 04:42:49 MST 2004

Add the following line to the sip.conf definition of this phone:
        mailbox=xxxx ; (where xxxx is the voicemailbox).
Then add the following line to your SIPDefault.cnf file:
        messages_uri: xxxx ; (where xxxx is the number you call to
access voicemail as defined in extensions.conf)
That should do it.

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Hi all,
I installed a new Cisco 7960 running SIP. I can make/receive calls
to/from other extensions and leave voicemails. The LED on the handset
turned RED, indicating voicemail for 7960. When I pressed the message
button, 7960 gave me a dial tone only. What should I do to configure
7960 for voicemail retrieval??


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