[Asterisk-Users] Noises and echo effects

Adam Goryachev mailinglists at websitemanagers.com.au
Wed Mar 31 01:25:50 MST 2004

Doesn't help much, but I have the same problem. Also same problem to
some normal land lines (I suspect it is to any other digital service, so
calls to other E1 services have the same problem).

To make you feel better, I know other people have this setup and it
works correctly, I just haven't really had a chance to look into it...

I am using a TE405P -> telco E1 service, no additional equipment
involved. I notice it mostly when calls arrive on the E1 and forward (on
another channel of the same E1) to my mobile.
Users report the same when calling from a TDM40B to mobiles/digital
landlines using the E1.
It also seems to happen to calls arriving on the X100P and outbound on
the E1 to mobiles.

PS, my callerid doesn't work on the TE405P either, but that is even
lower priority ...


On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 18:03, Serge Oleinikov wrote:
> Hi!
> I need your advice. My problem is that I have very bad sound quality
> calling to cellular phone via asterisk router.
> There are some kind of noises and echo effects when you try to speak
> louder. 
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