[Asterisk-Users] m0nowall and *

Ariel Batista abatista at avionica.com
Tue Mar 30 09:29:56 MST 2004

Michael Graves wrote:
> Hello All,
> I've finally become so frustrated with my current router that I'm
> seeking alternatives. I presently use a Linksys BEFSR81 which was
> chosen for its QoS capability. However, that device quite routinely
> loses WAN<>LAN connectivity requiring a reboot. Sometimes it goes day
> or weeks just fine, sometimes I have to reboot it 4 times a day.
> Readingwwwbroadbandreports.com's VOIP forum I see that this is a known
> problem with this device. Linksys will provide no assistance
> whatsoever.

We have switched our main router to the new m0n0wall.  The soerkis
motherboard were the ones used for there development.  We are running it on
a dell celeron 1U system with just a Flash disk drive in the system.  It is
fast and works correctly.  We had some some Linksys routers out in the other
office which we are looking at replacing with this new m0n0wall.  At present
cost is a factor.  linksys are under $ 100.00 for there vpn router and the
othe conbination is around $ 400 to $500 dollars more.  The QoS on ours seem
to be working just fine.  We have had no problems with.  We do have some
issues with there PPTP.  This has given us some problems so we have to work
on this part.

> Also at the broadband Reports VOIP forum I found a post from someone
> who had started using the m0nowall firewall with his Vonage service.
> m0nowall looks interesting as it boots from CD and stores its setup
> files on floppy. I can even be run on a Soerkis Engineering embedded
> PC booting from compact flash. It appears to provide "traffic shaping"
> which I'm given to understand is like the Linksys QoS controls.
> Does anyone here have experience with this or similar small Linux
> firewall/router apps? Care to comment?
> FWIW, my home office has three SNOM 200s, a Sipura-2000, Asterisk with
> outbound calling via VoicePulse Connect, 4 incomming PSTNs.
> Thanks,
> Michael

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