[Asterisk-Users] Call routing based upon callerID

Matthew B Marlowe matthew at mmarlowe.com
Mon Mar 29 18:41:18 MST 2004


It can be done. I have not successfully done it yet though, although I
have not researched it too much I would like to do it as well so if you
find any information on it and get it working. Let me know. :)

I know for a fact * does support it though.


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	I've search and though I've found a few references I have not
been able to find any concrete examples of * routing a call based upon
the caller ID. The scenario is that I want all calls originating from
number xxxxx to be routed to a particular extension, those from yyyyyy
to another and anything else to a third. Can someone please provide a
reference to samples or tell me if it cannot be done easily?


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