[Asterisk-Users] Really Cheap way to connect 2 PBXs

thisemailaddressisbogus at risehigh.com thisemailaddressisbogus at risehigh.com
Mon Mar 29 16:38:44 MST 2004

X100Ps don't talk to each other so it aint gonna work :-)
Use X100P and TDM100P on each box but that's not really cheap.
My 2 cents.


> Hello people.
> I've been thinking about a really cheap way to connect 2 PBX centrals i
> got, using 2 * boxes , 2 x100p cards and my 256 DSL connection to the
> Internet, I'm planning on connect the x100p cards on each establish a
> iax connection between them, so for example, when i dial 234 (line
> would ring on the x100p interface) i would get a tone signal from the
> other PBX... I would like to know if that would work and if anybody had
> already done it... of course i would need to do some QoS but i just
> wanna know if
> that could be done...
> i hope i could make myself clear...
> Thanks in Advance...
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