[Asterisk-Users] Opinion poll: best SIP phones for asterisk?

Chris A. Icide chris at netgeeks.net
Mon Mar 29 11:03:07 MST 2004

On 05:43 AM 3/29/2004, Iain Stevenson wrote:
 >Lot's of references to this topic on the list - a quick search will provide
 >loads of feedback.  At a top level:
 >- cheap option - Grandstream Budgetone - works well but current firmware is
 >- best option - Cisco - good * integration.  Make sure you get the phone
 >  supplied with SIP installed to avoid any support issues

Actually after having gotten my hands on a Polycom IP600, I have to say I 
much prefer it over the Cisco 7960 I've been using for almost 2 years now.

Quality and build is equivalent or better to the cisco.  The LCD display 
has a much higher resolution.  The downside (and upside) is the 
configuration.  I haven't really counted them, but I'm guessing the config 
files for the Polycom have somewhere around 2000 configuration parameters 
that are set in three config files.  You have much more limited control of 
the phone via a built in web configuration interface.


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