[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk as ISDN simulator?

william carlson wcarlson at w0ss.com
Sun Mar 28 22:10:56 MST 2004

Take a data call in on one BRI and shoot it out on another. Sorry if I
was not clear.

Would look like this

    [cisco router with bri]----------------[asterisk w 2 bri
cards]-----------[cisco router with bri]

I am not to familiar with ISDN so I dunno if I could do this since I
know pots has FXO/FXS and you can't go fxo to fxo.

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Citat william carlson <wcarlson at w0ss.com>:

> Anyone ever try it? is it possible? I am studying for my CCIE and ISDN

> simulators are very expensive.

ISDN simulator in what way ? 

CCIE is far away for me yet, but you can definatly simulate a lot with
hfc based cards.

BOFH excuse #133:

It's not plugged in.

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