[Asterisk-Users] RxFax/spandsp: file-naming of received faxes

Jan Baumann asterisk at cyberways.net
Sun Mar 28 03:09:26 MST 2004


after successfully having installed RxFax/SpanDSP and some promising tests 
(great piece of software, Steve!) I wonder if it is possible to avoid 
overwriting the same tiff file over and over again.

Browsing the sourcecode of app_rxfax.c I found a magic '%d' flag being parsed 
out from the argument of rxfax(), but didn't manage to make that work.

exten => _3XX,1,rxfax(/tmp/faxfor-${EXTEN}-%d.tif)

always produces filenames like 'faxfor-345-0.tif', so the %d is handled somehow.
My intension is to watch the fax directory for new files by a cron job and email 
them to their recipients.

It would be nice to have %d being replaced by a timestamp like 20040328120208 or 
simply an incrementing integer and if possible have the calling station id added 
to the filename.

Any hints are greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

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