[Asterisk-Users] Multiple IAX "register" lines?

Ed Rubright ed at rubright.net
Fri Mar 26 08:05:16 MST 2004

In you iax.conf file, are you using type=friend?  I seem to remember a
discussion about problems if using type=friend instead of type=user for
multiple registered servers with the same userid.  I may have the details
messed up on this though!  

I have the same setup your describing and it works great!

In the iax.conf file I have broken the inbound and outbound into 2 separate
stanzas, i.e. -

; for inbound from Nufone

; for outbound to Nufone

Hope this helps.


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Rich Adamson wrote:

>>There is nothing to it really register lines are pretty simple..
>>register => user1:pass1 at server1.domain1.tld register => 
>>user2:pass2 at server2.domain2.tld
>> From the cli "iax2 show registry" only shows the first entry..
>>These are for inbound services not outbound, I didn't think it was 
>>nesesary to "register" for outbound calls because the call is being 
>>initiated from inside..
>If the iax destination site is static, you don't even need the 
>registration process. Simply set up a type=user (for inbound iax calls) 
>with some appropriate security parameters (host, secret, context). The 
>associated extensions.conf entry might look something like:
>  exten => _9.,1,Dial(IAX2/userid:mysecret at${EXTEN:1})
>which will connect with type=user just fine. Have several of these in 
>Of coarse, if you don't have access/cooperation to the remote iax2 
>servers, or if any site is using dynamic IP addresses, then your stuck 
>with resolving the original registration problem. (Does a "iax2 debug" 
>show anything useful?)
Thats the problem I have a dynamic IP on my side which is why I need the
"register" line in the iax.conf..

iax2 debug shows that it is registering the first line but not the second..


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