[Asterisk-Users] Semi OT: WiSIP and WEP

Zac Amsler zamsler at cc0.biz
Fri Mar 26 07:47:06 MST 2004

That sounds about right.

I sometimes use my PDA with xlite installed on it, and I get clicks when I
am using 128 Bit wep.
I now have 2 access points. One uses 256 Bit WEP and is only for my .g data
network, and then I have a Orinoco rg-1000 in access point mode and the
provides access for my pda. The second is very secure, it will only allow
communication from registered devices.

Have a good one!

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On Thu, 25 Mar 2004 23:29:52 -0600, Christian Hoffmeyer wrote:

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>> Are you saying that the clicking only occurs when 128-bit WEP is
>> enabled?
>Verified.  The WiSip phone has almost perfect quality with no WEP
>encryption, near perfect with 64 bit encryption, and clicks approximately
>2-3 times per second with 128 bit encryption.
>Christian Hoffmeyer
>YottaDot Solutions
>Huntsville, AL

So, let's recap...that would make the phone about useless unless you
want to run your WLAN totally wide open unencrypted. Doesn't make any
sense in an office or even SOHO environment. That's not indicative of a
manufacturer in touch with their intended market. I guess I'll have to
wait for a wifi phone that supports WPA on 802.11g.

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