[Asterisk-Users] Semi OT: WiSIP and WEP

Sean Cheesman scheesman at macarthur-group.com
Thu Mar 25 13:52:44 MST 2004

A quick search of Yahoo found quite a few reports of issues in various
devices with spaces in the SSID.  Seems a lot of implementations fail to
properly handle the space.  Definitely sounds like a WiSIP issue, but
might be worth removing the space from your SSID if at all


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Hi Gavin,

Works OK with my 128-Bit WAP.

Remove the Space or put in an underscore and try again.



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Gavin Adams wrote: -

Received my Pulver WiSIP phone a couple days ago. Has anyone
successfully gotten the phone to work with 128-bit WEP? I've tried
entering the key via the keyboard (ugh), turning off WEP then adding the
key via the web browser (minor ugh), and all steps in between.

The only thing that may be an issue is that my SSID has a space in it
"Test WAP". When I view it the first time on the phone, it appears
correctly. However, the second time, only the first word appears "Test".

Promising phone if I can ever get it to work on my network.


--- Gavin Adams
Promisant (Technology) Ltd.
Atlanta, GA

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