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>We thought about this option. I guess the IAX2 is not the problem. We
>believe the real problem will be the user interface.  
>snom would have no problem providing the platform (hardware plus
>operating system and stuff like audio), but we simply don’t want to
>open another development branch (already got enough trouble with
>I personally think its ok to optimize the SIP interoperability. All
>that you can do in IAX can also be done in SIP (or am I making a big
>mistake here?).  
>There is the big difference. in that IAX handles NAT much better, esp.
>double NAT (security)  
>Im not sure if you work for snom, but I'm willing to help out where I
>Anyone else care to list the differences between SIP and IAX2?  
I>f would be great to get a comprehensive list, Mark or the digium guys

I agree that NAT traversal is a huge issue in the SOHO/Small office
environment. If the Verbiage (sp?) IAX capable phone is a good product
then it will become my preference over the Snom 200. I have several
Snom 200s and I like them very much. However, the simplicity of IAX2
installation is too good to pass up.


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