[Asterisk-Users] 0.7.2 with cisco router & 7960

Daniel Cubero Salas, Ing dcubero at cosinet.net
Wed Mar 24 23:05:53 MST 2004

I've successfully installed Asterisk 0.7.2, before we used 0.4.0 than it was 
working well but we needed context with date/time. In 0.7.2, we have trouble 
when use DTMF. We make outgoing calls from CISCO 7960 and use Cisco 2621 
like gateway. About audio/voice all is working right, but DTMF don´t work. 
Allways, for example, 2010 is seen as 210 or 10. 

Cisco 7960 is setting avt on DTMF. In sip.conf, [general] context is 
dtmfmode=rfc2833 but in [cisco2600] context is inband. In extensions.conf, 
all outgoing call is using SIPDtmfMode(rfc2833) because if dtmf tones in 
inband are not recognized on other side (like IVR or PBX in PSTN) 

In cisco router, we have one E1 with following config :
dial-peer voice 700 pots
application session
destination-pattern 13T
port 1/0 

Can anybody help us, Please? 

Thanks in advance 


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