[Asterisk-Users] IAX2 International Termination

Anton Tinchev atl at unixsol.org
Wed Mar 24 19:17:20 MST 2004

Tested from Bulgaria.
The quality is great, even that the ping from here is 170ms.
Some troubles with dtmf sending.

Stephen Karrington wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>We are about to launch our International IAX2 worldwide termination
>service from any IAX2 softphone. We would like people to make FREE calls
>to the USA or Canada so we can check the stability of our platform. We
>are allowing everyone to call the USA for free RIGHT NOW! You can make
>calls to any land line phone or mobile phone in the USA and Canada!
>The string to dial is:   free at
>This is an example of calling a USA based number. If you want to call a
>San Francisco number like 1-510-333-4444 then the string to dial is:  
>free at
>We are doing this to test a few things and would like your feedback on
>the following:
>1. Call quality. 
>2. Server loading. We are wondering how many simultaneous calls we can
>get on this server before it hits too high a load and affects the call
>Please send any feedback on the call quality and your experience to
>support AT diamondcard.us. This server is located in the East coast of
>the USA. All users who are within that vicinity or even on the West
>Coast should experience very good call quality. Callers from other parts
>of the world will experience lesser quality depending on their location
>and how good their internet connection is. We will be implementing
>servers in Central Europe shortly for European callers to use our
>There might be some downtiime if we have to reconfigure the server to
>handle issues that arise when people start calling. 
>Thanks for your feedback and have fun making calls to the USA! 
>Stephen Karrington
>Dreamtime.net Inc.
>Corporate Office
>101 California Street, 22nd Floor
>San Francisco, CA 94111-5802
>Dreamtime is your global choice for worldwide communication services,
>viral  marketing software and direct sales channel automation.

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