[Asterisk-Users] Phones can talk to asterisk but not each other through it

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What is the BW connectivity at the [*] box?
You may try to set the GS phones to GSM codec to reduce BW,
and see if that improves the situation.
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> I posted this a week or two ago but no replies, so trying
> again...
> Summary: Two phones in different locations, each behind
> NAT, can both talk to an Asterisk server on the net, for
> the demo or for voicemail, but can't maintain a call to
> each other via that asterisk.
> Original post with details:
> I have a problem with an installation of asterisk on my
> colo server. I have a Grandstream BT102 behind a Linux NAT
> firewall, and my colleague also has one behind his.
> My connection is ADSL with 512k down and 256k up. My
> colleague's is Cable with 600k down and I don't know
> whether it's 128k or 256k up.
> I have the phones set up in sip.conf with nat=yes,
> qualify=yes and canreinvite=no. Each phone can
> successfully connect with Asterisk and dial the Asterisk
> Demo, leave and pick up voicemail, etc.
> However, if one phone tries to dial the other, once the
> called phone is answered, the audio starts off very
> stuttery and broken, and after a few seconds dies
> completely and the call gets dropped.
> In the asterisk log there are many entries for that time
> saying: Recv error: Resource temporarily unavailable.
> I am using the zaprtc timer module on the asterisk server,
> but in any case I understood that was only required for
> MeetMe or MOH.
> The server system is a Duron XP 1800, with 512MB RAM,
> running Fedora Core 1 with updates, and a standard 2.4.22
> kernel that was recompiled only to make the RTC a module
> instead of compiled in (so I could rmmod it and then load
> zaprtc instead, which works fine).
> Can anyone suggest what things I should check or change?
> Cheers
> Tony
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