[Asterisk-Users] Help needed for making chan_mgcp working for swissvoice ip10S

Daniel ANDRE dandre at iris-tech.fr
Tue Mar 23 10:24:57 MST 2004


I am trying to patch chan_mgcp.c to work with IP10S phones from
SwissVoice. The problem I am working on is consultative call transfert
with flash event. I will do my best to make a description of what I have
observed and what I want to do:

The test sequence is :
PhoneA calls PhoneB (IP10S, MGCP)
PhoneB sends Flash and dials PhoneC

At this stage PhoneB and C must be connected and voice path must be
clear and bidirectionnal.

What I have observed is:
1. Voice Path from PhoneC is sampled
2. There is no voice data from PhoneB to PhoneC

#1 is now solved (a small patch)

 From informations obtained from SwissVoice Tech Team, the #2 problem
should be caused by the CRCX Message sent to IP10S just after handling
flash event. The seqno of the message received by the IP10S are not in
the correct order.
The messages received are:
MDCX with seqno=16
CRCX with seqno=15
MDCX with seqno=17

I don't see how to make asterisk send messages in the correct order as
the two message queues are not correlated.

Should someone help me with this problem?

Best regards,

Daniel ANDRE

Daniel ANDRE (mailto:daniel.andre at iris-tech.fr)
IRIS Technologies - http://www.iris-tech.com
Serveur kwartz - http://www.kwartz.com

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