[Asterisk-Users] Convert ISDN Card in NT Mode

michiel betel michiel at betel.nl
Tue Mar 23 01:44:01 MST 2004

Ignace CARIA wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I try to connect directly to Asterisk an ISDN DECT base station.
> Here is the scheme:
> ISDN Line------------------ISDN CARD(CAPI)--+Asterisk+--ISDN 
> CARD(???)---------------------------------DECT Base station.
> My question is: is it possible to convert the second ISDN card into 
> NT-Mode? If yes, which card must I use? How should I configure it?

AFAIK The only card compatible with Asterisk to suppoirt NT1 mode 
currently is the Zaptel BRI card from Junghanns.net. Check 


> Thank you

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