[Asterisk-Users] Please help. Trouble getting asterisk to run on a new install.

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Mon Mar 22 22:17:33 MST 2004

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On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 10:20:00PM -0500, Gene Kochanowsky wrote:
> Asterisk CVS-03/22/04-20:03:01, Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Linux Support
> Services, Inc.
> Written by Mark Spencer <markster at linux-support.net>
> ========================================================================
> [ Booting............
> Mar 22 22:02:24 ERROR[-1084583808]: chan_iax.c:4828 set_config: Unable
> to load config iax1.conf
> Mar 22 22:02:24 WARNING[-1084583808]: chan_iax2.c:5620 set_config:
> Ignoring port for now

Completely harmless errors.

> Mar 22 22:02:24 WARNING[-1179006032]: chan_oss.c:238 sound_thread: Read
> error on sound device: Resource temporarily unavailable

Add 'noload => chan_oss.so' to /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

> Mar 22 22:02:24 ERROR[-1084583808]: chan_zap.c:5331 mkintf: Signalling
> requested is FXS Kewlstart but line is in FXO Kewlstart signalling
> Mar 22 22:02:24 ERROR[-1084583808]: chan_zap.c:7355 setup_zap: Unable to
> register channel '1-8'

Your signalling differs between /etc/zaptel.conf and
/etc/asterisk/zapata.conf.  Pick the correct type of signalling for your
card and make sure both files agree.  If your zhone is 8 FXO/16 FXS, then
the correct configuration should be channels 1-8 as 'fxsks' and the
remaining 9-24 channels as 'fxoks'.

Don't forget to run 'ztcfg' after changing /etc/zaptel.conf.


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