[Asterisk-Users] Playback Volume for Record Application

Hadar Pedhazur hadar at unorthodox.com
Mon Mar 22 08:11:47 MST 2004

The Asterisk Demo prompts come through "loud and clear" on any phone 
that I use to call in on. When someone leaves me voicemail, it also 
comes through loud and clear.

When I use the "Record" application and then use the recorded file in 
a "Playback" or "Background" application, it is very soft (clear, but 
the volume is cranked way down). This is true for all format types 
(I've tried wav, WAV and gsm). Also, from a number of different input 
devices (headset using an DIAX, real phone connected on the lan to *, 

Just curious whether there is anything I can do to improve the volume, 
other than recording the prompts in another application and dropping 
in the resulting files (it's obviously ultra-convenient to be able to 
change prompts just by dialing the correct extension) :-).

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