[Asterisk-Users] Discriminate on IAXTEL dial-in

Marc SCHAEFER asterisk-users at alphanet.ch
Sun Mar 21 12:50:29 MST 2004

On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 07:42:05AM -0600, Eric Wieling wrote:
> You are correct, IAXtel does not send the called number.  Calls from
> both IAXTel accounts will fall into the "s" extension.

Oh, I see.

So I have now implemented a menu.  If you call 1-700-895-5211
you can now dial 0800 numbers in Switzerland (dial 00800 800 800
for Swisscom fixnet for example).

If you dial +41 328 41 47 74 you get the other way around, ie
dial into IAX.

And I am extension 200 (or 9).

I however have another question:

   - apparently when I call from ISDN to an IAX gnophone, I get a very
     short ring then an error: (XXX are mine)

        -- Calling using options 'exten=s;callerid=03284140XX;language=en;formats=2;capability=65283;version=1;adsicpe=0'
        -- Called XXX
        -- Call accepted by 80.83.50.XXX (format GSM)
        -- Format for call is GSM
        -- IAX[XXX]/50 is ringing

        Mar 21 20:43:29 DEBUG[33810]: channel.c:1265 ast_indicate: Driver for
        channel 'CAPI[contr4/8414774]/10' does not support indication 3,
        emulating it

        Mar 21 20:43:29 ERROR[33810]: chan_capi.c:851 capi_write: not a voice

        Mar 21 20:43:29 WARNING[33810]: app_dial.c:313 wait_for_answer: Unable
        to forward image

        Mar 21 20:43:29 DEBUG[33810]: chan_iax.c:1861 iax_hangup: We're hanging
        up IAX[XXX]/50 now...
        -- Hungup 'IAX[XXX]/50'
        == Spawn extension (macro-dial-extension, s, 3) exited non-zero on
        'CAPI[contr4/8414774]/10' in macro 'dial-extension'

   - the problem doesn't happen when calling from a SIP phone.

   - the problem also happens if you do ISDN -> IAX -> IAX gnoèphone.

Probably this is a bug in chan_capi-0.3.0 ?

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