[Asterisk-Users] T100P T1 problem (Avaya -> asterisk IVR)

marc.sutter at bluewin.ch marc.sutter at bluewin.ch
Sun Mar 21 04:00:20 MST 2004

Hi Jeb,

Have a look on:

---->  http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=Asterisk%20Avaya

I think it's what you need.


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>From: Jeb Campbell <jebc at c4solutions.net>
>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] T100P T1 problem (Avaya -> asterisk IVR)
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>Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 19:36:26 -0500
>Hello all,
>	I'm having a problem with a T1 connection to a Avaya PBX (asterisk is 
>an IVR).
>I could not get pri working and now I'm simply trying to get asterisk 
>working with fxs_ks.
>1. Is there anyway to troubleshoot or see what is being sent on the T1.
>	zttool shows no errors, and the Avaya rings the t1 if wct1xxp is 
>loaded, and gives
>	busy if it is not loaded -- so I think something is being sent down 
>the line, I just
>	don't know what it is (asterisk -vvvvvc shows nothing)
>2. Is there anyone with Avaya PBX -> asterisk experience on the list?  
>I'm remote, but I can
>	login -- I just don't know what commands can troubleshoot the 
>zaptel.conf (relevant section)
>context = demo
>switchtype = national
>signalling = fxs_ks
>group = 1
>channel => 1-24
>Thanks for any time and help
>Jeb Campbell
>jebc at c4solutions.net
>Cell: 865-385-1437
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