[Asterisk-Users] Use of Alert_Info with C7960?

Nicolas Gudino nicolas at house.com.ar
Sat Mar 20 16:48:48 MST 2004

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From: "Rich Adamson" <radamson at routers.com>
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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Use of Alert_Info with C7960?

> Using Asterisk CVS-03/20/04-11:54:56 with 7960 v6.2 and playing around
> with distinctive ringing, trying to make it work. Extensions.conf looks
> exten => 3010,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=3) ; selects Ringer
> exten => 3010,2,Dial(SIP/3010,15)
> exten => 3010,3,Voicemail2(u3010)
> exten => 3010,102,Voicemail2(b3010)
> exten => 3010,103,Hangup
> On the phone, Settings/Ring Type indicates: Chirp 1, Chirp 2, Old Style
> and Synth Low. The first three choices produce different ringing sounds
> when selected from the display.
> I expected Alert_Info=3 to cause the C7960 to ring with the Old Style
> ringer, but it doesn't and setting it to 2 or 3 doesn't make any
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Rich

A search on the mailing list returned this:


Try using:
exten => 555,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr3>)Best regards,Nicolas

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