[Asterisk-Users] AS5300 Firmware and H323 configuration

Christian Hoffmeyer christian at yottadot.org
Fri Mar 19 23:39:08 MST 2004

I have a customer who wants to use an AS5300 - VOIP to trunk to Planet
VIP-400's H323 and also to trunk into their international long distance
provider with H323.

Here's my problem.  My client has an AS5300 with 4 e1's and it's never been
used.  I know nothing about configuring these devices and am looking for
someone to make an image recommendation so we can do SIP and H323 and have
it operate as a client and gatekeeper.  I also would like someone with
experience with these devices configure it to work.  It would really save me
a lot of time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Christian Hoffmeyer
YottaDot Solutions
Huntsville, AL

(w)   256.859.4508
(c)    256.655.0321
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