[Asterisk-Users] Can i do voice chat without using the hardware

Michael Van Donselaar mvand at vandonselaar.org
Fri Mar 19 08:04:16 MST 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 05:53:44 -0800 (PST), suresh kumar <idcsureshp at yahoo.com>

>Thanks for your help. I had gone through the
>www.voip-info.org and got more information regarding
>the asterisk. Still now i am not clear, how can i test
>this software. I had gone through the mailarchieves,
>but didn't get any solution.
>My aim is that, i want to connect my PC (where i
>installed the asterisk) to another PC in my network
>for voice chating. For this purpose, what are the
>steps to
>be done? which are the files to be modified. I would
>like to make use of the existing Hardware (sound card,
>network card etc), i am not using any extra hardware.
>Is X-Lite work in Linux? or any compatible s/w that
>works under linux?

iaxComm uses asterisk's native IAX protocol.  It runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.
Precompiled binaries for RedHat 9, Windows, and OSX (Panther) ara available at:


linphone is a SIP softphone for Linux:


>I am expecting an help from experienced person like
>you. Or can you please send
>me the link where i can get more information to tackle
>my problem.
>Thanking you,
>Best Regards,
>--- Matt Ammerman <Matt at DiRAD.com> wrote:
>> Sure thing.  You're going to have to get SIP
>> involved though.  This
>> means using sip.conf to create new sip users.
>> Do a search on www.voip-info.org for sip.conf and it
>> will explain how to
>> configure a user for SIP.
>> Then you'll need SIP clients (hard VoIP phones, or
>> SIP soft clients such
>> as Windows Messenger or X-Lite).
>> You can make VoIP calls over an existing network
>> infrastructure without
>> analog hardware.
>> For instance, I have an internal Asterisk PBX
>> allowing VoIP
>> conversations between X-Lite, Windows Messenger, and
>> Pingtel clients -
>> all over networking connections, no T1/E1/Analog
>> needed.
>> You need the hardware when you start interfacing
>> with the PSTN for the
>> most part.
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