[Asterisk-Users] Important: The Asterisk Mailing list (new subject)

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Mar 19 01:11:31 MST 2004

Mark Spencer wrote:

> The Asterisk community is growing at a remarkable pace.  I know there are
> thousands of you out there -- in fact there are over eight *thousand*
> subscribers to asterisk-users alone, and almost one *thousand* registered
> users on the bug tracker.  
This means that everything anyone write to this mailing list, is sent to over
8.000 mailboxes that is already flowing over with messages.

I would like to stress the fact that you have to think before you send a
message to such a big list. Do *not* send out personal replies on the list.
If you offer services to someone, do *not* CC: or reply to the list, it
will annoy more potential customers than get you new customers. If you
send out a message by mistake, you don't have to apologize to all of us,
we understand you're embarassed. We will get more annoyed by your apology
than over your first message.

Because of the traffic, I'm several weeks behind of reading all messages,
and I'm consider this a very important list for me. We need to get the
volume down and quality up. I'm at loss on how.

* Advice for the archives and for newbies to the list *

The wiki project have grown into an important knowledge base for the project,
with several contributors and a few "wiki marshals" that clear up the layout,
add links and remove duplicates. Go there to find your answer first, then
search the mailing list archives (http://search.voip-forum.com) and then
go to the IRC channel. Finally, if you don't find the answer elsewhere, try the

* More todo's *

There was a handbook-next-generation project that is now hibernating. We need
that project to move forward. More contributors, more editors.

Coming back to my favorite subject: The asterisk.org web site needs to
be changed so we can point to all resources in a better way and guide
the members to the community in a nice and friendly way.

Maybe there's other ideas out there that we need to discuss again.
And no, web-based-forums has already been proved to be of no help and has
been discussed several times.

To make all the mistakes at one time:
* Sorry for this message, I've sent several similar messages before.
* My apologies for the apology to the list
* Please help me configure a SIP URI in the Zap channel over MGCP trunks, with
   optional early-dial musiconhold and Enum support for my www address, anyone!!!??


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