[Asterisk-Users] help me: warnings on Read error on sound

Michael Zheng hxmzheng at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 21:35:19 MST 2004

Dear Ben,
Thank you for your help. But if I put noload => chan_oss.so in the modules.conf, then my soundcard can work in my Astersik? Actually, when I tried to install my soundcard and X100P in Redhat 8.0, the same problems occurred. 
however, when I test soundcard in Redhat (No in Asterisk), the soundcard works. I just have no idea. This is a newly bought card.


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Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Users] help me: warnings on Read error on sound 
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As far as I'm aware, RedHat 9 uses the ALSA sound drivers.

you need to prevent asterisk from loading the OSS channel driver with:

noload => chan_oss.so

in your modules.conf


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