[Asterisk-Users] Schools/Districts using asterisk?

Jonathan Moore moorejon at usd465.com
Thu Mar 18 12:54:42 MST 2004

We are using Asterisk in K12 with similar goals. We have pretty much decided to
go with it district wide. It will be a 200-400 phone installation across 9
sites. We also looking at eliminating a Centrex system (called Plexar in our
area). Current status is that I have patched the * in front of our existing
legacy system. This allowed testing of new phones while be got comfortable with
* being stable, etc. Now I am just shopping for phones before we pull out the
legacy system and start the process of moving schools off of the Centrax contract.

Something you should look at in a school setting is the Wisip wireless 802.11b
phone from Pulver. We are looking at this to help reduce cellular costs and also
as a possible teacher phone.

Jonathan Moore
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Quoting Chris Hobbs <chobbs at silvervalley.k12.ca.us>:

> I'm investigating asterisk to use as a replacement for an aging Lucent 
> PBX in our district office, as well as replacing the Centrex/intercom 
> based systems at our schools.
> I'm curious if any other schools/districts are using asterisk? If so, 
> I'd certainly be interested in talking about your setup.
> Thanks,
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