[Asterisk-Users] NuFone?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Thu Mar 18 12:27:23 MST 2004

Eric Wieling wrote:

> Michigan only, but I believe they have decent coverage within Michigan. 
> I seem to recall they were planning on Chicago DIDs, but I don't know
> the status of that.

Jeremy from Nufone and Mark Spencer were both at this week's WISPCON in 
Chicago.  From the smell of it we won't have to wait very long before 
there will be a number of choices wrt nationwide DID that then can 
interconnect via a number of VoIP protocols, including IAX.

There were several CLEC types there who (at least from their telling) 
have pretty big footprints, and it sure seems that asterisk is catching 
everyone's attention.

It is unfortunate but understandable that as these ITSPs begin to roll 
out their services, there are going to growing pains.  There is really 
IMO no existing business model into which they cleanly fit, and from the 
perspective of customer service, most of them are growing too fast.

Lot of those WISPs have been playing with lots of ITSPs, and the sense 
of the house was that it is a rare one that doesn't have 
occasional-to-frequent termination problems.

Nufone and Vonage were basically the only ones there for which those 
complaints weren't raised.  And, FWIW, I have not had hugely good luck 
with Voicepulse in terms of responsiveness of their customer service effort.


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