[Asterisk-Users] Session numbers?

Stig Andersson stig at ymex.se
Thu Mar 18 08:00:36 MST 2004


The messages produced by asterisk console, in vvvvvvv mode,
what are the numbers after the brackets?

in this example, /4 and /5

=> Releasing IAX2[stig at stig]/4 and IAX2[ulf]/5

Are these session numbers or?
Are they reused?

When the first call comes after asterisk is restarted, they begin at  /1
but 8 hours later, a new single call can have /4

I'm investigating why some calls do not go through to a Firefly client (IAX2)
after the client has been busy. I'm suspecting som kind of zombie sessions...

Any ideas?


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