[Asterisk-Users] Delay Dial with Voicetronix

tim mickelson tim_mickelson at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 03:36:02 MST 2004


  I'm not being able to make my Voicetronix Openswitch 12 work with 
Asterisk. When making a call from a SIP-phone to the PSTN, the SIP-phone is 
ringing, the Asterisk says that it is ringing, but the phone I'm ringing is 
not ringing.  I've seen in the mail list that other people have had the 
problem that chan_vpb.c is making a call before hearing the dialtone. The 
suggestioin was to put a comma or more before the number and this would make 
a pause before actually dialing the number. This seemed to be a probable 
cause of my problems, so I've defined in extesnsions.conf:

exten => _55.,1,Dial(${OUTDIAL},30,r)

but this doesn't work, does someone have suggestions?


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