[Asterisk-Users] local VoIP in Florida

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Wed Mar 17 21:05:15 MST 2004


I'm in Clearwater, but sadly have no local 727 lines to spare. I've got
plenty of Long distance T1s though.

If you are looking for a low rate on a local T1 in Pinellas County we got
our 2 local T1s from NewSouth for $700/month(all fees included @ 1 year
contract) with full free local calling into Hillsborough(Tampa 813 area
code) included, and sit down for this one, they installed each of them
within THREE WEEKS of the order(previous record was 6 weeks for a Global
Crossing T1). I'll send you their contact info if you're interested.


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On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 08:54:57PM -0600, Matthew Marlowe wrote:
> 727 or 772? There is 772 in FL available. 

727. That's St. Pete/Clearwater. What area is 772?


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